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Score One for the Nits

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Nits all over the world rejoiced today on the news that Harrah’s, owners and operators of the World Series of Poker, will cough up an extra $100 to anyone who redeemed a free $15 Birthday Cash coupon at any of the company’s properties. The reason for their added generosity stems from a class action lawsuit filed by Debra Smerling against the company in 2003. Smerling alleged that after the clock struck midnight on her birthday on August 10th, she tried to redeem her free $15 coupon at Harrah’s Atlantic City but was denied by the property who told her that their new casino day did not start until 8:00 am. Not wanting to wait around eight hours for a free $15, Smerling left the property and instead chose to spend the next seven years fighting the company in court for not publishing anything on her Birthday Cash coupon that defined their gaming day hours.

As a result of this lawsuit, some 80,000 Total Rewards members, Harrah’s loyalty-based member program, will receive an additional $100 as compensation for any troubles they might have encountered when redeeming their $15 Birthday Cash coupon. This penalty was passed down by the New Jersey Truth in Consumer Contract Warranty and Notice Act. An additional 270,000 Total Rewards members who received a $15 Birthday Cash coupon but opted not to redeem it will receive notices of this lawsuit telling them that if they attempted to redeem their coupon and were denied, they can file a separate lawsuit against Harrah’s.

Ante Up Tournament Strategy

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

We recently added a strategy article on Ante Up tournaments to our poker strategy section. Ante Up tournaments are gaining in popularity. Blind levels stay fixed for the duration of the tournament while only the antes, which are posted from level one and onward, increase. For example, level one could be 5/5 blinds with a 10 ante. Level two would be 5/5 blinds with a 20 ante, etc. This format dictates some significant changes in strategy which we outlined in the article.