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The Micros – Episode 2

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Episode 2 of ‘The Micros’, an animated poker comedy, came online recently. If you haven’t seen the first episode, check it out, it’s pretty hilarious. Personally, I didn’t think the second episode was quite as funny overall, but it was good enough to keep me motivated to want to see more.

Have a watch:

Da Pokerz Rap Track

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Someone recently put up a poker-themed rap song on YouTube. And unlike some of Prahlad Friedman’s raps, it’s actually pretty good. And it’s definitely funny.

Have a listen. Lyrics are below the video. The video is just a static picture, so you can scroll past to read the lyrics without fear of missing anything.

Hey I got a question
Is the durr challenge finished yet?
I miss sammy and his unlit cigarette
I don’t really care if you queers hate rapping
Straight maxin wit gabe Kaplan
My hottie’s a blonde and her bodys the bomb
I won her flippin quarters from bobby belande
Think you can beat me, well that is erroneous
I mack hoes like Patrick Antonius
You wont see me coming with the Derringer sparking
But you will see me cumming on Jennifer Harman
Girls come in twos like when noah crafts an ark
I don’t mean the show but ill poke her after dark
Come on annete obrestad shake ya ass
Girl get low like we’re playing razz
I just went broke so in the meantime?
Picking up Asians
With barry Greenstein

Yeah it’s the pokerz
I play it everyday
Got the sturdiest chip stacks
From Tournies to six max
Hate us for nothing
straight flush or bluffing
Please Believe
Ill be caking and crushing

Im durr on the river goin for the killshot
Playing lodden thinks with Antonio and phil laak
Who the hell let alan Meltzer on tv?
every time I see him I think its in 3d
Vanessa selbst looks like a manly dude
But id rather bang her over annie duke
Im glad full tilt
doesn’t check my credit score
I can get a whore with just a single metaphor
all my skinny girls are astounding with brain
But I date fat chicks just to balance my range
If we’re playing heads up then id prolly win
At the party wit Bacardi like im scotty wynn
Just face it children im here to make the millions
Make em see defeat like they were david Williams
When it comes to ranges my brain is higher
So watch me triple merge like an asian driver

Yeah it’s the pokerz
I play it everyday
Got the sturdiest chip stacks
From Tournies to six max
Hate us for nothing
straight flush or bluffing
Please Believe
Ill be caking and crushing

Gambler On Trial for Killing His Parents to Receive Inheritance

Friday, January 28th, 2011

In a piece of news that probably makes some House Republicans lick their lips, Mercury News, a Silicon Valley news outlet, has details on the murder trial of a man who is apparently a professional poker player. According to the article, Ernest Scherer III is on trial for driving from Las Vegas to his parents’ home in Pleasanton, CA in March 2008 where he stabbed and beat them to death in order to receive an inheritance which would help pay off gambling debts.

Scherer’s 94 year old grandfather, who turned in his grandson three months after the slayings, testified that the defendant showed up at his house the next morning for a scheduled bridge game and declared, “my two best friends are my dad and my granddad,” a comment that he regarded as out of character at the time.

A look at Ernest Scherer III’s Hendon Mob database indicates that the media may be somewhat accurate in their description of him as a “professional poker player”. Scherer has cashed in a litany of live poker tournaments spanning from 2003-2008, including one cash in a Los Angeles poker tournament three months after he allegedly killed his parents. Scherer’s biggest accomplishment in live tournaments was bubbling the TV final table in the $10,000 buy-in North American Poker Championship in 2005. He received $68,000 for that finish.

Prahlad Friedman Signs with Site that Cheated Him

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Prahlad Friedman’s feelings for UB, the online poker room on which he was cheated out of millions of dollars years ago, have apparently come full circle. It was announced yesterday that Friedman has signed as UB’s newest team pro. This news comes just a week after long-time UB sponsors Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke each announced they were parting ways with the controversial online poker room.

Friedman was one of the first people to gain fame as a result of successes in high stakes online poker. Playing as “Spirit Rock” or “Mahatma”, Friedman dominated the $25/$50 no-limit games on Ultimate Bet for much of the early part of the last decade. He has since taken a backseat to the likes of Tom “durrrr” Dwan, Phil “OMGCLAYAIKEN” Galfond, and others, but still remains considered one of the best high stakes no-limit players around. Friedman won a WSOP bracelet in 2003 and reportedly considered using his winnings to air a Super Bowl commercial expressing his opposing views towards the war in Iraq and President Bush’s policies in general. No such commercial aired.

From 2005-2007, Friedman was cheated out of millions in a scandal at UB that affected many players in the site’s high stakes games. In light of that, Friedman has drawn a considerable amount of criticism this week for his decision to serve as a sponsor for the very poker room that failed to protect him from being cheated out of millions. Poker pro Daniel Negreanu took to the Twitter airwaves and gave his input, “UB will always have to offer more than face value [for a sponsorship] because given a choice that’s close, no one would choose UB. Or shouldn’t… UB has to offer more money obv. He used to say it wasn’t about the money. I don’t believe that anymore… He used to speak out against all corporations, claiming he stood for something. Then, the money was right and his tune changed… I get it happens. I’m disappointed it did happen. I’ve always liked Prahlad and still do despite his decision. Just shocking.”

Friedman has seemingly been a magnet for controversy in his poker career. In 2006, he was involved in a heated dispute with Jeffrey Lisandro regarding an ante.

Last year, Friedman was involved in an incident in the WSOP Main Event that immediately gained infamy in the poker world. While facing a decision whether or not to call all-in after the river and having had the clock called on him, Friedman waited until the floorman counted down to “one” before announcing “call”. In an instant, Friedman’s opponent exposed his hand while the floorman, having not heard Friedman’s action, declared Friedman’s hand dead thinking the clock had expired. Friedman, seeing that his opponent held a superior hand and realizing that the floorman did not hear him say “call,” quickly tossed his cards into the muck. Friedman ultimately retained his chips and remained in the tournament. The incident kept the poker world in a chatter for days.

For years, Friedman has been on the butt-end of several jokes thanks to his affinity for rapping. He made a rap titled “Poker is Fun for Everyone” which aired on ESPN. The stunt served as Friedman’s way of indicated that he clearly isn’t bothered by what people think of his love for hip-hop.

Sell-out or not, Friedman’s signing with UB marks the end of a long-standing holdout. He has received numerous sponsorship offers over the years but had turned all of them down until now.