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Baseball Star Under Investigation for Illegal Poker Games

According to the celebrity gossip blog Radar Online, New York Yankees star third-baseman Alex Rodriguez participated in an illegal high stakes poker game where cocaine was reportedly used.

Poker pro Dan Bilzerian, who was in attendance at the game, reported that the game nearly broke out into a fight after record producer Cody Leibel lost a half a million dollars and refused to pay. Bilzerian told the publication that one player in the game “got all coked up.” After the fiasco broke out, A-Rod tried to distance himself from the situation and was caught shaking his head not understanding what happened. Bilzerian claimed that Rodriguez lost “a few thousand dollars” that night and paid up before leaving.

The baseball star is currently under investigation by the MLB for his alleged participation in illegal, underground high-stakes poker games with celebrities.

Rather than investigate Rodriguez, why doesn’t the MLB share information with an editor of PokerTips about where these games are held and how one might get in them? We can go check things out for them and report back.


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