Limit Hold'em:
1. Longhand Limit
2. Shorthand Limit
3. Adv. Shorthand

No-Limit Hold'em:
1. Intro to NL
2. Advanced NL
3. Who Pays Off
4. Stack Sizes

1. Intro to Omaha
2. Low Limit Omaha
3. Intro to PLO
4. Omaha Hi/Lo

1. Tourney Overview
2. Single-Table NL
3. Advanced NL STTs
4. Multi-Table NL
5. Multi-Table Limit
6. Tourney Variants

Money Management:
1. Moving Limits
2. When to Quit
3. Short/Long Run

1. Intermediate Mistakes
2. Utilizing Promotions
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Best Poker Tumblr

Looking for the best poker tumblr on the web? Look no further than Life With Face Cards.

Life With Face Cards is a series of animated GIF images that each capture an emotion one feels playing poker. They’re hilarious.

Here are a couple of our favorites:

when I suckout to stay alive in a tournament:

when I get dealt Aces and try to look calm:

when I stay patient and bust a clown in one hand:

Have a look at the rest of these great poker GIFs. Be warned, however. They’re addicting and will likely vacuum away 15 minutes of your day. Kudos to whoever put this great Tumblr site together!


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