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Bodog Anonymous Tables Not So Anonymous

The online gaming company Bodog recently launched new “anonymous” tables on their poker client. The concept is pretty cool in theory: games where your opponents are unidentifiable and referred to only by their seat number at the table. The idea is aimed at circumventing data mining and player notes to create a truly anonymous online poker experience.

However, the guys at have demonstrated the tables to be less than anonymous. Have a look at the video below to see how they’re able to use a piece of simple software to exploit a leak in Bodog’s server security.

Bodog’s response to’s concerns was to say:

Your money is and has always been safe at Bodog. If you are concerned about the security of your account, having access to an account number is similar to having a screenname before our latest update.

Translation: *yawwwwn* “we don’t really care.”

A hat-tip to the guys at for pointing out this concerning online poker software vulnerability. As they pointed out, the site’s software makes it easy to compile a list of user IDs and then try a bunch of standard passwords on all of them to see if you can hack into any of the accounts. This is just another example for why online poker rooms need to subject their product to independent analysis to ensure the integrity of their games.


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