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Cooler City

It’s been an eventful past 48 hours for me in the WSOP. After getting the chance to troll Joe Sebok, I bagged up 51,400 chips and returned for day two of the $1500 NL. Around 340 players returned with 270 paying. Unfortunately, with about 300 players left, I ran Kings into Aces all-in preflop for about 80% of my chips. Thankfully, the villain didn’t have me covered and I was able to stumble my way into a min-cash before busting with J7hh that I shoved into A9ss. For the amount of chips I showed up to day two with, that was a disappointing result; but I’m happy to have recorded a cash at the WSOP for the fourth straight year.

I was right back at it in another $1500 event yesterday. And like the event prior, I built up chips nicely increasing the starting stack of 4,500 to 24,000 by dinner break. After dinner, I played a pretty interesting hand.

It folded to the small blind who completed to 400. I checked with 65 offsuit. My opponent led out for 600 on a rainbow flop of 973. I called. We both checked another 3 on the turn. When a 6 hit the river, my opponent led out for 2,000 leaving himself about 6,000 behind. I felt like it was a value-bet with a 9 and that if I shoved, he would probably fold most of the time. So I shoved. I was right. He wasted little time folded. But when he did so, he showed A3! I couldn’t believe what a bullet I dodged there. I definitely would have called if I was him. I guess he must have put me on exactly T8 or something because that’s just about the only hand I could have there that is beating him (I would have raised preflop with any pocket pair that I boated up with and something like 93 or 73 is just so unlikely that he can’t make that hero fold).

Going into the last level of the night, I was at 39,000 chips and feeling really great about my chances of making day two and recording back-to-back cashes. Then I ran into the Lady from Modesto.

The Lady from Modesto was on my left and had been running hotter than the sun all day. She showed Aces a couple of times and basically won every pot she played (which wasn’t a ton because she was fairly tight).

On the hand before the one I’m about to talk about, the UTG player moved all-in for 15 bbs. The Lady from Modesto re-shoved her ~60 bb stack in the seat immediately after him. She had another monster, Kings, and busted the UTG shover’s Jacks. On the very next hand, it folds to me in the small blind. I look down at Ace-Queen of hearts and tell the Lady from Modesto that I’m only raising because I have a good hand and that I’m too afraid of her to do so otherwise (I wasn’t entirely joking). I raised the 800 bb to 2,400. She dropped out a stack of high-denomination chips. It looked like about 7,000 or so. My immediate instinct was that she was winning pots and feeling good and wasn’t about to let anyone steal her blind. But being that I had a very strong hand, I moved all-in for 39,000 total. She snap called and said, “I hope you don’t have Aces.”

Yup. Pocket Kings back-to-back hands to bust two players. That’s how hot she was running!

It was just such an unfortunate bustout because I very rarely blow 40 bbs in that spot. She needed all of the cards to align for me to get it all-in with Ace-Queen against her. All it would have taken would have been one person opening the pot, me three-betting from the small-blind, her four-betting, and both of us folding (and I do think I would have folded after some eye-rolling). Unfortunately I was the first guy to open the pot and obviously it’s close to impossible to fold AQ suited in a blind-versus-blind battle.

Anyway, I hope the Lady from Modesto wins the whole tournament. She’s certainly got the chips!

Alright, gotta head over to the Rio for today’s $1,000 event. This is my last event of the series before the Main Event, so time to get all the chips!


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