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Dan Bilzerian Suing Star Magazine for False Quote on A-Rod Story

This week, we passed along a story from Radar Online about baseball star Alex Rodriguez’s participation in an illegal poker game. The article included quotes from poker pro Dan Bilzerian who confirmed A-Rod’s presence at the game.

Today, Bilzerian took to Twitter to discredit the quotes by saying, “finally someone discredits the bulls*** Star magazine has been pushing.” He included a link to this ESPN article which quotes Bilzerian as saying, “It’s ridiculous. He wasn’t there, I’m telling you. He was playing in the World Series at the time.” Note that Bilzerian means the World Series of baseball, not poker.

Bilzerian also stated on Twitter, “They completely made up s*** [quoted] me saying it. I’m suing them.” And that, “Star magazine even offered my brother money to lie about seeing Arod at a home game, after he told them he had not. They are such scum.”

According to ESPN, Major League Baseball investigators are still working to arrange a date on which to speak with Rodriguez about his alleged involvement in these high stakes games. Rodriguez’s publicist stated with regards to the Star magazine article, “[it] contains numerous factual inaccuracies. Alex looks forward to cooperating with Major League Baseball’s investigation.”


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