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Danish Poker Pro Shot During Home Robbery

Danish news magazine Ekstra Bladet is reporting that three masked men invaded the home of poker pro Theo Jorgensen and shot him in the leg three times during the robbery. Jorgensen’s injuries are not expected to be life-threatening.

The attack occurred last evening in Jorgensen’s home some 20 kilometers outside of Copenhagen. Three masked men robbed Jorgensen of the U.S. dollars and Euros he had in his home and shot him in the leg three times while his wife looked on. Jorgensen is recovering in a Denmark hospital and is listed in stable condition.

Jorgensen is ranked third on the all-time Denmark poker winnings list behind Gus Hansen and Peter Eastgate. Roughly a quarter of his career gross poker tournament winnings came from a victory in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris in 2010 for $850,000.

Today, Jorgensen made a brief statement on his Facebook page in the Danish language. When translated, it reads:

Dear all,

It is important to me to emphasize that I am a careful man. I was prepared mentally and practically that this situation could happen, to protect myself and my family against people from the outside. I know that people can have a misconception about how much cash I have in my home. I have alarms, always as little cash as possible and generally take my precautions. Unfortunately, that was not enough.

Under the circumstances I am fine and want to focus on taking care of my family so we can get through this.


Our thoughts are with Theo and his family as they recover from this shocking and unfortunate incident.


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