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Darvin Moon is the Genuine Article

Anyone with an interest in poker should check out this Washington Post article on Main Event chip-leader Darvin Moon. How can you not root for this guy?! Some highlights from the article:

Moon has been playing poker semi-seriously for just a few years. He has never read a single page of a strategy book. He doesn’t play cards online, where nascent players can quickly flatten the learning curve. (Actually, Moon says he doesn’t spend any time online. Also doesn’t use a credit card.)

“I ain’t no different than you or anybody else,” he says. “My business is my business. People are driving me crazy with their questions. Their favorite one is, ‘What’d you do with your money?’ My favorite answer is, ‘What’d you do with your paycheck last week?’ “

Moon, who turns 46 at the end of October, has gone back to his job cutting pines. “I’ve gotta get up and go to work every day,” he says. “I’m not rich.”

Of the 6,494 players who entered the Main Event, Moon figures “there were 6,300 that were better than me.”

Moon says: “I really believe all eight of my opponents are better than I am. How can’t I believe that? They all have more experience than I do. I play three nights every two weeks at little tournaments.”

So Moon flew to Vegas in July (the first time he’d ever been on a commercial jet) and crushed the field with, he admits, an insanely lucky run of cards. “I got incredible cards for eight days,” he says, almost apologetically. “No matter what I did, it seemed like it worked.”

After that round of the tournament, Moon and his wife of 15 years, Wendy — a CVS pharmacy technician — came home to their old 14-by-70 trailer (three bedrooms, two baths, no children) with a $1,263,602 check

And he still lives in that trailer!!!

While the other players try to elevate their games — Shulman, for instance, just hired 1989 champion Phil Hellmuth to coach him on his final-table play — Moon has been playing with Meat and Hunk, Mama and Ducky, Joey and Bubba and the other regulars at the Elks and the American Legion and over at the fire hall in Clarysville. Soon, he’s going into hiding.

“We’re leaving Oct. 7 to go to Wyoming for three weeks of mule deer hunting,” he says. “I’ll be out there in the mountains, in a little cabin with no electric, no water. Can’t wait.”

Seriously… I love this guy. I’ve got quite a bit of money on Joe Cada to win the tournament, but screw it. I’m rooting for Moon!


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