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Did Internet Gambling Kill Jon Kyl’s Dog?

Over three years ago, the UIGEA was passed, the brainchild of right-wing senator Jon Kyl.

Since it was an unfunded mandate (imagine telling struggling banks they need to spend millions to block $100 transactions so people can’t play $.50-$1 holdem games), enforcement has been perpetually delayed.

Apparently, almost a year after Obama took office, Kyl is blocking nominations in the treasury department due to the lack of enforcement of the law.

I personally think I’ve heard the lame ‘click the mouse, lose your house’ about hundred times now. It was cute to say that back in 2006. Turned out they really should have focused on “sign a subprime loan, lose your house” or “lose your job, lose your house.”

For someone to care this much about limiting internet gambling suggests some personal vendetta. I’m guessing internet gambling somehow killed Jon Kyl’s pet Chihuahua. Perhaps Kyl himself was playing internet poker one day and had a bad beat, which prompted him to chuck his favorite pet chihuahua Olympics-Discus style and it suffered fatal injuries.


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