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Eskimo Clark’s Gold Bracelet Worth… Less Than Gold?

There have been a couple of strange WSOP-related eBay auctions lately. First, Peter Eastgate sold his 2008 Main Event bracelet for $147,500, some $130,000 more than the bracelet was valued at by an independent jeweler. More recently, Eskimo Clark’s 1999 $1,500 Razz WSOP bracelet sold for $4,050. The closing bid in Clark’s auction is puzzling because the bracelet is though to be worth more than $5,000 just for it’s value in gold alone.

So while Eastgate’s bracelet apparently holds an incredibly high intrinsic value to some bidders, Eskimo’s seems to have such a low intrinsic value that, although it is made of gold, it sold for less than it’s weight in gold! Of course, this should probably just be chalked up to a strange, one-time anomaly. The lucky person who won the Eskimo Clark auction find themselves in an interesting position to melt a WSOP bracelet down into gold and sell that gold for more than they paid for the bracelet!


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