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Harrah’s Announces Changes to WSOP

Harrah’s announced some changes to expect at the 2010 WSOP with regards to food service, start times and Main Event day 2s.

Main Event Day 2s

This year, participants from Day 1A and Day 1C will play on Day 2A while survivors from Day 1B and 1D will play Day 2B. This move is aimed at helping balance the field sizes for each day two. In years past, Days 1A and 1B played Day 2A while Days 1C and 1D played Day 2B. This typically resulted in a much larger field showing up for Day 2B than Day 2A since Days 1C and 1D tend to draw more entrants than Days 1A and 1B. Harrah’s Communications Director Seth Palansky noted that more players have pre-registered for Day 1D than the other three starting days combined.

The WSOP Main Event kicks off with Day 1A on Monday, July 5th.

Food Service

For the past few years, Harrah’s has maintained an outdoor grill located in a tent just outside of the Amazon Room where most WSOP action takes place. This year, they’re moving the food service indoors. The ‘Gutshot Grill’ will now be located in the Miranda Room which previously housed WSOP tournament action. The Rio Pavilion, which is across the hall from the Amazon Room and previously hosted the Gaming Life Expo, will absorb the game play tables that will no longer be found in the Miranda Room.

Tournament Restart Times

Those fortunate enough to make day two of a WSOP preliminary event will notice the restart time has been pushed back from last year. Day two restart times for noon events will be at 2:30 this year instead of 2:00. For 5:00 pm events, restart times will be at 3:00. This change was made to allow players the chance to get a little more rest after a long day of play.


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