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Heinz, Lamb, Staszko Remain in 2011 WSOP Main Event

Yesterday, the November Nine played down to the November Three. Pius Heinz of Germany, Ben Lamb of the United States, and Martin Staszko of Czech Republic survived the day and will return to the Rio tomorrow to determine the 2011 World Champion.

The story of the day was the assent of Pius Heinz. Players started the final table with the following chip counts:

Martin Staszko (Czech Republic), 40,175,000
Eoghan O’Dea (Ireland), 33,925,000
Matt Giannetti (United States), 24,750,000
Phil Collins (United States), 23,875,000
Ben Lamb (United States), 20,875,000
Badih Bounahra (Belize), 19,700,000
Pius Heinz (Germany), 16,425,000
Anton Makiievskyi (Ukraine), 13,825,000
Sam Holden (United Kingdom), 12,375,000

The chip stacks going into play for tomorrow are as follows:

Pius Heinz (Germany), 107,800,000
Ben Lamb (United States), 55,400,000
Martin Staszko (Czech Republic), 42,700,000

Heinz is the first German ever to appear at the WSOP Main Event Final Table and is now poised to win it all with more than half of the chips in play.

The fourth through ninth place finishers were as follows:

4th: Matt Giannetti (United States), $3,012,000
5th: Phil Collins (United States), $2,270,000
6th: Eoghan O’Dea (Ireland), $1,721,000
7th: Bob Bounahra (Belize), $1,314,000
8th: Anton Makiievskyi (Ukraine), $1,010,000
9th: Sam Holden (United Kingdom), $782,000 is offering the following odds on who will win the 2011 WSOP Main Event:

Pius Heinz, -106
Ben Lamb, +210
Martin Staszko, +392

As they were yesterday, every hand from tomorrow’s action will be broadcast “semi-live” (on a 15 minute delay) on ESPN2 and


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