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How 2011 November Nine Betting Odds Have Shifted Since July

In July, we published a 2011 November Nine preview that focused each player’s odds to win the tournament as offered by PinnacleSports. Let’s see how those odds have shifted in the more than 3 months since that article was written.

Interestingly, all but two players odds have gotten shorter since July and by a much wider margin than the two other players’ odds got longer. In other words, Pinnacle basically increased the overall amount of vig they are taking on this prop by shortening 7 of the 9 player’s odds (some of them considerably) while lengthening the odds of only two players (and not by much).

Biggest Gainers

A huge amount of action must have gone on Ben Lamb in the past few months as his odds have dropped all the way to +434 from +620. He is without a doubt the public’s favorite bet for the 2011 WSOP Main Event Final Table. Taking him not to win at -534 is probably the best bet on the board right now (sorry, benba!)

The first-ever German to make the WSOP Main Event Final Table, Pius Heinz, has seen some love from the betting market. His odds have dropped from +1100 down to +881.

The Englishman on the short stack, Samuel Holden, has dropped to +1208 from +1525.

Apparently there are some people who think it will be in the air next week; Phil Collins’ odds have dropped to +566 from +679.

Mostly Holding Steady

Part of the young American contingency, Matt Giannetti, has seen his odds shorten a bit to +603 from +621.

The wild card of the final table, Ukrainian Anton Makiievskyi‘s odds have shortened a bit to +1083 from +1262.

Young Irishman Eoghan O’Dea‘s odds have also shortened slightly to +429 from +483.

Slightly Longer

The Czech chip leader, Martin Staszko has become a bit better value since July. He is now listed at +423 up from +414.

The elder statesman of the final table, Badih Bounahra from Belize, would now generate a win of $1,086 on a bet of $100 as opposed to just $1,026 had the bet been placed in July.

The final table resumes this Sunday, November 6th, from the Penn and Teller Theater at Rio in Las Vegas.


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