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How Much is Signed Howard Lederer Shirt Worth?

A recent picture tweet by Gavin Smith from the Bay 101 Shooting Stars event taking place right now shows poker pro Dan O’Brien sporting a signed “I busted Howard Lederer” t-shirt. The annual WPT event designates some pros as “shooting stars”. If you knock one of those players out, you receive a cash bounty and a one-of-a-kind t-shirt which, presumably, many of the pros autograph for you. Have a look at the shirt Dan O’Brien is wearing today in the tournament. Presumably, he received this shirt in 2010 when he finished 3rd in the event for $293,000.

With Lederer’s current status as a fugitive from U.S. law whose company, Full Tilt Poker, owes the poker world tens of millions of dollars, one can’t help but think about how much that t-shirt could potentially yield in an auction. Think about it. A world full of degenerate gambling poker players with money in their pockets to burn. Surely someone would pay $1,000 for that shirt. But how much would O’Brien be willing to sell it for? I asked him just that on behalf of PokerTips. In a tweet, O’Brien said, “I’ll sell it for $10k now, but I’d prefer an auction for max value.”

At that price, the shirt is likely to remain O’Brien’s!


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