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I Wanna Run Like Yevgeniy

About a year and a half ago, I won a package to the Irish Open. After busting out of the Main Event in Dublin, I joined a group of weary bustos in a €1,500 buy-in second chance event. A few levels into the tournament, I shoved ~12 big blinds or so with Ace-Seven. A young player in the small blind looked me up for about half of his stack with Ace-Jack. When I flopped a Seven, I felt pretty bad about it. I looked over at the young man and was surprised to see that he wasn’t even watching the flop! He was too busy talking to a friend that had just come up to the table. After the board bricked out and the pot was shipped my way, I offered some consolation to him, “ugh… sorry about that man,” as I shrugged my shoulders. He didn’t respond nor did he even seem to care.

“Who is this guy?!” I thought.

“That guy,” or to put it more appropriately, “that kid,” was Yevgeniy Timoshenko, who I later learned was the defending champion of that particular event.

Fast forward a year later, and it’s clear to me why Yevgeniy wasn’t sweating that Seven: he’s got mad skills. There is no one in tournament poker having a hotter 2009 than Yevgeniy. He is currently ranked #1 on the Card Player POY standings with a comfortable 800 point lead over Eric Baldwin.

How did he get there? Ohhh… just by winning the $25k buy-in WPT Championship in April ($2.15 million), and the $5k buy-in World Championships of Online Poker Main Event this month ($1.7 million) under the screenname “Jovial Gent”.

When Yevgeniy won the WCOOP Main Event, he had to hold off on the celebration for a while: he was one of the chip-leaders with 14 players remaining in a $1k buy-in event (that started with 277 players) at another site. A few hours later… yup… won that too for another $75k. **Yawn**

This week, the poker world’s fears that Yevgeniy might gobble up all of the money in the game began to mount as he was one of the chipleaders with 45 players remaining at the WSOP Europe Main Event. It was almost comforting to see him bust out in 25th place. I mean, no one can run that hot, right?!

For now, the 21 year old with already more than $6 million in lifetime winnings will have to wait another day to claim his first WSOP bracelet.


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