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Johnny Chan Reality TV Show

After years of uninspiring results on the poker felt, legend Johnny Chan has turned to reality television. The ten-time WSOP bracelet winner appears, along with Doyle Brunson, in a “sizzle reel” for a new poker reality show called Full House with Johnny Chan. And it looks… atrocious.

Have a watch. But be warned, this sets new record highs on the Douchiness Meter. We can’t promise you’ll be able to handle it.

“Hi. I’m Johnny Chan. I am the most famous poker player in the world.”

Was this even true in 1990?

Full House with Johnny Chan must be on a pretty tight production budget if this is the best they can do in terms of female* sex appeal on the show. There have to be 50,000 women in Vegas who would be easier on the eyes.

Newsflash to Johnny Chan and producers of this show: you’re about five years too late trying to capitalize on the Vegas douchebag bubble.

The trailer for this show gets so bad that it becomes unwatchable. One is left to wonder if this show is even real or if Johnny Chan just lost a clever prop bet? Chan himself has not shown his hand one way or another; his Twitter account hasn’t been updated in months. Doyle Brunson chimed in on Twitter regarding role in this “production” saying, “I have no clue about this show. Chan asked me, we are friends so I said ok. I didn’t even know what the taping was for.”

It appears at least one person is trying to distance themselves from this show already. Our advice for everyone else involved would be to do the same!

*It’s debatable, right?


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