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2. Advanced NL
3. Who Pays Off
4. Stack Sizes

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2. Low Limit Omaha
3. Intro to PLO
4. Omaha Hi/Lo

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2. Single-Table NL
3. Advanced NL STTs
4. Multi-Table NL
5. Multi-Table Limit
6. Tourney Variants

Money Management:
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2. When to Quit
3. Short/Long Run

1. Intermediate Mistakes
2. Utilizing Promotions
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Listening to the WSOP Final Table Live

For anyone interested, Bluff Magazine is hosting live audio commentary of the WSOP. They’ve had kind of a rotating group of commentators except for David “TheMaven” Chicotsky who seems to be always in the booth. He’s a little bit on the self-absorbed side which can be annoying since he keeps talking about himself, but otherwise it’s a hell of a lot better than reading live updates.

Other commentators have been Annie Duke (surprisingly good), Phil Hellmuth (always entertaining to listen to), Justin Bonomo (nerdy and overly-technical, but not terrible to listen to), and quite a few others.

Play is down to 7 at the moment after Akenhead and Schaffel busted. Odds are it will take several more hours before they’re down to heads-up.


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