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4. Stack Sizes

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2. Low Limit Omaha
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4. Omaha Hi/Lo

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2. Single-Table NL
3. Advanced NL STTs
4. Multi-Table NL
5. Multi-Table Limit
6. Tourney Variants

Money Management:
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3. Short/Long Run

1. Intermediate Mistakes
2. Utilizing Promotions
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Mixed Game Strategy Articles Added

There is some new content to check out in the poker strategy section. We added five new articles in the ‘Advanced’ section under the new ‘Mixed Games’ tab. The articles focus on improving your play in mixed game formats such as ’8-Game’ which rotates between no-limit hold’em, pot-limit Omaha, 2-7 triple draw, limit hold’em, Omaha hi/lo, razz, stud, and stud hi/lo.

This year, the World Series of Poker is holding a $50,000 buy-in ‘Player’s Championship’ that will use the 8-Game format. This event will replace the $50,000 HORSE event on the schedule. The final table, which will be played exclusively in no-limit hold’em, will air on ESPN. PokerTips forums member Sebastian ‘seb47′ Sabic will compete in this event. Sabic lent a hand in writing the 2-7 triple draw strategy article. Here are links to the other recently-added articles:

Intro to 8-Game
7 Card Stud
7 Card Stud Hi/Lo


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