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Mobile App Replaces Deck of Cards

Don’t have a deck of cards laying around? No worries, there’s an app for that. As long as you have $1.99 and an iPhone or iPad for every player in the game, playing cards are officially obsolete.

Bold Poker replaces a deck of cards with iPhones. Have a look at their promotional video to see how it works:

The Bold Poker app requires an iOS-based device for every player in the game plus one to be used for the community cards. So a five-player poker home game played with the Bold Poker app would require six iOS devices, such as five iPhones and an iPad or some other combination, plus the $1.99 app download.

It’s a lot of electronic equipment and set-up needed to circumvent a good ol’ fashioned deck of playing cards. But no longer will anyone be able to claim your poker game is anything less than state-of-the-art. However, Bold Poker currently is yet to support other features like keeping track of bets and chip counts.

One of your home game players prefers the Android platform? Screw him. Apple users only is Bold Poker’s philosophy as their product is currently available only in the iTunes store. Visit Bold Poker for more.


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