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NY Times Article on Poker Bots

Online poker got some pretty significant mainstream exposure this week. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the positive kind. The New York Times published an article about online poker bots. The article talks about the struggle poker players and online poker rooms face in trying to remove bots from games. There’s nothing terribly interesting about the article except for one bot-builder, Brian Jetter, going on the record about the type of thing you don’t go on the record about.

Said Mr. Jetter:

“Using a poker bot is in fact a natural extension of the game of online poker.”

And in response to Full Tilt banning some 400 players who used his software:

“We don’t think the other poker rooms we support will make a similar financial decision.”

“Poker rooms we support”?! Wow. It sounds like Mr. Jetter is actually dumb enough to believe that what he’s doing isn’t the least bit shady. Maybe he should try establishing more professional relationships with these online poker rooms he “supports”. I’d love to see how Party Poker would respond to an email from him asking what type of revenue sharing model they could offer him for proliferating their games with bots. Shoot them an email, Mr. Jetter. Or maybe they’ll contact you after seeing your name pop up in the New York Times!

I’m only kidding, Mr. Jetter. I would spend more time hoping that some redneck who has lost money playing online poker doesn’t see that NY Times article and decide to track you down before I’d hope that an online poker room would actually agree with your assessment that you’re “supporting” them. Get a clue.


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