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Old WSOP Documentary

A member (and self-styled ‘Godfather’) of our poker forums, ‘killcrazy’, linked me to this old WSOP documentary called The Million Dollar Deal. It’s about 45 minutes long and pretty worthwhile for any poker enthusiast. It’s pretty cool watching this while knowing what the Main Event eventually turned into. It’s like watching home movies of some pro athlete playing their sport when they were 7 years old.

Some thoughts:

17:00 – Scotty Nguyen talking confidently “I always be #1 baby,” and this is before he even became a World Champion!

28:45 – Interesting that TD’s used to think it was okay to pester players by asking, “are you going to call? Are you going to call?” during a hand.

30:40 – LOL at Mike Magee thinking that the only hand that would call his M 3.5 shove was Ace-Ace.

32:00 – Someone tell this guy that Jesus doesn’t exist in Las Vegas.

34:33 – Haha… Scotty was still nursing the beers back then I see.

35:16 – It’s amazing to me that Scotty seemed as if he just knew he would win this event from the very start.

36:48 – Huh… didn’t realize TJ got third that year.

40:28 – Are those the most famous words ever uttered at a poker table?

43:17 – So true, Andy!


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