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Peter Eastgate Main Event Bracelet For Sale

A few days prior to the start of this year’s WSOP Main Event, 2008 World Champion Peter Eastgate announced that he was retiring from the game. This came as a shock to the poker world as Eastgate, just 24 at the time he announced his retirement from the game, was considered one of the better tournament players on the planet. In his first try, he won the WSOP Main Event becoming the youngest winner in the process (a record that was broken by Joe Cada in 2009). The next year, Eastgate showed he was no one-trick pony by keeping the poker world on pins-and-needles for a few days at the thought that he might win the Main Event in back-to-back years. Eastgate eventually finished 78th out of 6,494 entrants that year.

Now, it seems all but certain that Eastgate is not just pulling a Michael Jordan and taking a mini-retirement before returning to the game. He seems to mean business as recently he listed his 2008 Main Event bracelet for sale on eBay. The seller of the auction is “petereastgate”. He has set the opening bid at $16,000. In the description of the item it says, “The unique piece of a Corum bracelet weighs 168 and is made of 18kt White Gold paved with 291 diamonds and the face, which says “World Series of Poker 2008”, is Hand painted in silver and decorated with black and red card suits.”

It seems all but apparent that Eastgate, despite enjoying a degree of success that almost every other poker player is relegated to dreaming of, truly wishes to purge poker completely from his life.

Whether or not he can anticipate someone bidding on his bracelet at the price of $16,000 remains to be seen. Earlier this year, T.J. Cloutier sold one of his WSOP bracelets on eBay for a little more than $4,000. Eastgate’s bracelet certainly has more intrinsic value since it was awarded to a Main Event winner. This is probably the best opportunity anyone has had of owning a WSOP Main Event bracelet without actually having to win the event.


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