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Peter Eastgate Un-retires from Poker

2008 World Series of Poker Champion and one of the Nice Guys of Poker, Peter Eastgate, announced this week that he is returning to the game. This announcement comes less than a year after he announced his retirement from the activity that made him a multi-millionaire by the age of 22.

Eastgate, who sold his Main Event bracelet on eBay last fall, said in a statement through PokerStars:

“Sometimes in life, a person can feel lost and wake up one morning not recognizing who he is. Last summer, that was how I felt. Prior to winning the WSOP in 2008, my life was very much a good solid routine of playing online poker and hanging out with my friends and family. Winning the WSOP changed that. I relocated to London and started a new life, the life of a high-profile poker pro. For almost two years I was in a constant spotlight, traveling from poker tournament to poker tournament, doing thousands of interviews, and never had a chance to catch my breath. In the whirlwind that followed winning the WSOP, I lost track of the most importing thing in my life… myself.”

The former World Champ said that the past eight months away from poker have helped him reconnect with family and friends and figure out who he is and what he wants to do with his life. He plans to return to the game on February 21st by participating in EPT Copenhagen which is the largest annual poker tournament held in his home country of Denmark.

Welcome back, Peter, and good luck!


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