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Phil Hellmuth Rivered at WPT Final Table

The final table of the World Poker Tour’s (WPT) Bay 101 Shooting Star event concluded yesterday. Arriving at the televised final table of six with the second largest chip stack was none other than 11 time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth. Here were the chip stacks at the start of play:

Seat 1. Hasan Habib – 455,000
Seat 2. Phil Hellmuth – 1,433,000
Seat 3. Andy Seth – 2,164,000
Seat 4. Matt Keikoan – 371,000
Seat 5. Mclean Karr – 1,112,000
Seat 6. Dan O’Brien – 1,129,000

Not too far into the start of the final table, Hellmuth clashed with Andy ‘BKiCe’ Seth. Here’s how the action unfolded according to the World Poker Tour Live Updates (my emphasis):

Phil Hellmuth completes the small blind to 20,000, Andy Seth raises from the big blind to 80,000, and Hellmuth reraises to 280,000. Seth thinks for a bit before he moves all in, and Hellmuth calls with QQ. Seth shows AJ, and he’ll need to improve to bust Hellmuth and claim his bounty.

The flop comes K65, and Hellmuth retains the lead. The turn card is the 10, giving Seth additional outs to a gutshot straight.

The river card is — the A of hearts!

The crowd explodes in reaction, while Hellmuth just sits at the table, stunned. Hellmuth slowly takes off his sunglasses, takes a deep breath, and shakes hands with the other players at the table.

Then Hellmuth steps off the stage, kneels down, and drops down to the floor in a little ball. The other players expected a blowup, but not this. Someone asks if he needs a doctor, and Seth asks, “Do you think he’ll sign my bounty shirt?”

Needless to say, that hand will probably make for exciting TV when it eventually airs on Fox Sports Net.

Andy Seth went on to finish runner-up to Mclean Karr. Here are the full results from the final table:

1st: McLean Karr – $878,500
2nd: Andy “BKiCe” Seth – $521,200
3rd: Dan O’Brien – $292,800
4th: Hasan Habib – $234,300
5th: Matt Keikoan – $175,700
6th: Phil Hellmuth – $117,000

The Poker Brat’s quest for a WPT title has yet to come to an end. This was his fourth appearance at a WPT final table. The closest he came to winning an event was a 3rd place finish at Foxwoods in Season 2.


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