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Poker Player Runs 70 Miles to Win Prop Bet

Last Sunday, one of the craziest prop bets of all-time involving poker players took place. A hungover and sleep-deprived Ashton Griffin laid 3:1 that he could run 70 miles in 24 hours. He put up $900,000 to win $300,000 on the bet that specified he had to actually run the 70 miles, no walking allowed. Improbably, no scratch that, impossibly, Griffin completed the feat to relieve his friends of $300,000. Griffin’s “friend”, Haseeb Qureshi, stated that he was hoping an injury would prevent Griffin from completing the run.

Griffin broke the task up into 10-mile intervals. All running took place indoors on a treadmill. Griffin took short naps between each ten-mile run and completed the 70th mile with more than hour to spare. Without even getting proper rest for the feat, let alone training for it, Griffin managed to run nearly three marathons in a single 24-hour period. Apparently this was not the first time the young online phenom ran for cash. He also once ran 15 miles home from a sushi restaurant in under three hours to win a bet even after having eaten a pound of frozen yogurt (which was presumably also part of a bet) at dinner.

Despite demonstrating highly-questionable judgement in the things he’s willing to do to win a bet, there’s no denying that Griffin is a tremendous poker talent. He first came onto the scene a few years ago by winning and losing massive amounts of money at the highest stakes online. He was Isildur1 before Isildur1. A year ago, Griffin was the $25,000 High Roller Shootout at the North American Poker Tour event in Las Vegas. The score tacked $560,000 onto his career winnings.


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