Limit Hold'em:
1. Longhand Limit
2. Shorthand Limit
3. Adv. Shorthand

No-Limit Hold'em:
1. Intro to NL
2. Advanced NL
3. Who Pays Off
4. Stack Sizes

1. Intro to Omaha
2. Low Limit Omaha
3. Intro to PLO
4. Omaha Hi/Lo

1. Tourney Overview
2. Single-Table NL
3. Advanced NL STTs
4. Multi-Table NL
5. Multi-Table Limit
6. Tourney Variants

Money Management:
1. Moving Limits
2. When to Quit
3. Short/Long Run

1. Intermediate Mistakes
2. Utilizing Promotions
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Poker Xtranormal Videos

Some of the funniest videos online are made by regular people on Xtranormal. The site creates a video based on text you create. Characters in the videos have a robotic voice which often directly contributes to the funniness of a video. Most Xtranormal videos are drivel, but the best ones can be downright hilarious. Here are a couple of pretty funny poker-related Xtranormal videos.

Guy complaining about his luck after a hand on PKR:

Guy buys into a juicy-looking $10/$20 PLO for $4500. Action ensues immediately:

Guy tilts while trying to explain his poker hobby to a female co-worker:

A guy’s wife comes to tell him food his ready while he’s involved in a big online hand:

And of course there’s this gem by JJS6866 from our poker forums. Unfortunately, you’d have to be privvy to the details from an epic thread that took place in our forums to really find this one hilarious (but it’s still probably not bad even if you don’t get some of the storyline). Quick cliff notes on what happened in that thread: member Lord Mushroom was backed by some other forum members for SNGs and insisted that his backers let him use their money to buy a piece of poker software to help improve his play. When they, of course, objected to the absurd request, Lord Mushroom refused to update them as to the progress of the stake and instead posted “$434″, the balance of the stake at the time, anytime a request for communication was made:

If you have a funny poker-related Xtranormal video, email it to me at cory@[the URL for this website] and I’ll post it here (assuming it doesn’t suck).


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