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Pokertox: Botox for Poker Players

The Huffington Post recently featured an article on botox for poker players called “Pokertox” introduced by Dr. Jack Berdy.

Berdy believes that poker players are the next big market for botox. His process involves consulting with poker players to determine what they believe are their major “facial” tells. Berdy is hoping to create a niche market of poker pros who come to him for botox refills every three to four months.

Berdy should have consulted with some poker players before launching these services so someone could have told him the idea is stupid as hell. “So far, no one has signed up for the service,” says the Huffington Post article. What a shock! Dr. Berdy should expect that market trend to continue indefinitely.

There have been plenty of bad poker ideas over the years, but Pokertox might be the worst one we’ve heard yet.

Click here for the full story from Huffington Post.


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