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Preview of Joe Cada Reality Show

Apparently someone is making a reality show featuring Joe Cada and his entourage called 6th Street: Life After the River. You can go here to see a 10-minute preview of the show; it’s too wide to embed.

It seems fairly interesting. A few things that stood out:

  • I couldn’t believe Cada went out drinking and dancing on stage at a LMFAO concert the night before playing Moon heads-up.
  • A couple of his friends seem to perfectly capture the stereotype of an annoying, lazy online poker player.
  • LOL… pretty impressive how Cada talks to his girlfriend.
  • The Every Day I See My Dream song was a good choice.

Will be interesting to see what comes out of this project. One reason why having Cada as the World Champ vs. a quiet-Euro like Eastgate or boring family guy type like Raymer or Yang is that his life is at least vaguely interesting to the general public.

There doesn’t seem to be much information on whether or not any TV network will air this program.


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