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Scott Montgomery Robbed in Bellagio Bathroom

2008 November Niner and 2010 bracelet winner Scott Montgomery was robbed yesterday in a bathroom at Bellagio in Las Vegas according to his Twitter account. Montgomery tweeted, “Got mugged today at Bellagio. Black guy pulled a knife on me in the restroom. I gave him the $2k in my wallet and he left.”

He continued to say, “I called security, but they took like 15 mins so they didn’t catch him. They are useless twits. Didn’t even ask me to look at camera footage. Security pretty much just said oh well, life sucks, have a nice day. I’m pretty annoyed.”

The good news for Montgomery, who has over $4 million in live tournament winnings, is that the situation could have been much worse. $2,000 is not that much in the grand scheme of things and luckily for him, the “black guy” didn’t shank him with that knife. What is unfortunate, however, is Bellagio’s apparent response to this. It is their job to ensure the security of patrons walking around with large sums of money. If any individual with a knife can lift $2k off of a poker player in a bathroom and know that it’ll take the casino 15 minutes to respond to the incident, robbing poker players in casino bathrooms is going to become the best game in town.


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