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T.J. Cloutier Pawns WSOP Bracelet for Cash?

This is really funny, but I think the reason I’m not laughing is that it’s even more sad: it seems that T.J. Cloutier sold a WSOP bracelet to a pawn shop who is now listing the item on eBay. The Plano Pawn Shop (located ten minutes from Cloutier’s Texas residence) has a minimum bid of $2999 on the bracelet won by the poker pro in 2005.

What makes this story potentially sad is Cloutier’s notorious reputation for poor money management and insatiable addiction to craps. It is possible that he had good reasons for selling this bracelet. Maybe he needed money for a family medical problem or something, but knowing his reputation as a pit game connoisseur makes it tough not to fear the worst. If he sold the bracelet to satisfy a craps urge, it would certainly be a new low. I mean… selling a WSOP bracelet? C’mon man! I really hope he had a good reason to do this.

If he were addicted drugs or strippers, you could sort of understand. There are tons of poker players with brilliant gambling minds who are pretty big screw-ups in most other areas of their life. Cloutier, however, is not known for these other types of vices.  If a pit-games addiction was a leading factor in him hawking a gold WSOP bracelet, that would just be really sad. I really hope it comes to light that this was not the case.


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