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The Micros – Episode 1

Jay Rozenkrantz and John Wray (aka “Krantz” and “JimmyLegs”, respectively) may be onto something. Together, they created a pilot episode for an animated poker comedy called “The Micros”. And it’s hilarious.

Have a watch:

Pretty epic first episode! The scene where the protagonist, Chase Berger, is fantasizing about what his life will be like if he wins the Mega Millions is tremendous. They captured so many great poker stereotypes. We play, “for the big pots, the life changing money, for finally moving out of your mother’s basement and into a sick house in Thailand with tons of poker friends, for traveling around the world playing in the biggest games on the planet, for bottle service at Tao playing ‘hooker, not a hooker’, for partying so hard, you blackout, wake up naked in an inflatable raft full of $100 bills.” LOL!

And the part where even his online poker avatar says, “oh f***” after seeing they only have one out? Pure gold!


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