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U.S. Politicans Return Full Tilt Contributions

A number of U.S. politicans have come forward stating they will return campaign contributions given to them by Full Tilt Poker.

Pro-poker Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank had received $18,600 from Full Tilt since 2007. Frank had received another $14,000 from the Poker Players Alliance which was known to be heavily funded by the beleaguered online poker room. The Congressman said he wants to find a way to give the money to those who were defrauded and, failing that, will give the money to charity.

Republicans have not passed up on the opportunity to drag Frank’s name through the mud. Said GOP spokesman Tim Buckley, “It appears Mr. Frank is another congressman willing to associate with criminals.”

According to Jon Ralston via Twitter, a spokesman for Senator Harry Reid commented, “We will be disposing of the contributions associated with Full Tilt Poker as soon as possible.”

The Boston Globe reported that Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and Rafe Furst donated a combined $131,000 to Democratic lawmakers and $42,000 to Republicans since 2007. The Poker Players Alliance received $90,000 from the trio, roughly a third of its funding, in that time.


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