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Welcome to the

PokerTips Blog!

Welcome to the PokerTips Blog!

We here at PokerTips decided that if everyone else has a blog, why can’t we? I mean, most teenage girls have a blog where they write about glitter and pencils and whatever else. Surely we’re more interesting than them, right? Right?!

Okay, don’t answer that.

In our effort to prove that we are indeed more interesting bloggers than your average teenage girl, we will strive to maintain mediocre or slightly better than mediocre commentary on the poker world on this part of the internet, including poker strategy advice from a varying group of top players.

Additionally, keep an eye open for special online poker offers that we are able to share with our readers through this blog.

Alright, now that we have those formalities out of the way, did anyone hear about the guy who won the ladies-only event at the Borgata in Atlantic City? Apparently casinos are disallowed from prohibiting entry into an event based on gender. For years, most “Ladies Only” events at casinos operate under a gentleman’s understanding that only women should play in the event.

Abraham Korotki chose to turn a blind eye to this arrangement and entered the $300 ladies-only event last weekend. Out of a field of 260, Korotki made it all the way to a heads-up battle… against a woman that was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was hoping that top prize would pay for her living expenses while she recuperates from an upcoming mastectomy. Ouch.

**Editor’s Note: If she’s really that concerned about her living expenses, what’s she doing playing in a $300 buy-in poker tournament?**

Apparently the guilt must have set in a little on Korotki, because after he defeated Nicole Rowe, he said he will donate all of his winnings to three charities, one of which is dedicated to breast cancer research. He explained that his motives for playing the tournament were purely innocent and that he just wanted to play some poker and thought it would be alright since he saw 5-10 other men playing too.

Alright, Korotki, alright. We’re putting our flaming torches down for now. Just don’t let it happen again!


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