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Wow, What a Run!

My run in the Main Event ended shortly into day six. I looked down at QJo on the button with 11 big blinds which is basically the stone cold nuts in that spot. I moved in but unfortunately the small blind had been dealt KJs and I couldn’t find another suckout to stay alive.

Overall, I’m really happy though. What a run that was! From early on day 3 onward, I never had more than 40 big blinds. Showed up to day 4 with 852 players remaining unsure if I’d be one of the 693 to cash, and then just somehow kept surviving, and surviving all the way to 133rd for $54,851!

It was a much needed deep run and score at a much needed time. I’m going through some various changes in my personal life right now, so it was nice to have something to be excited about and distracted with for a week. It’s been a great trip. I’ve gotten the chance to meet a lot of really great guys. There are so many smart and interesting people in the poker world. I think one reason I really like the WSOP is it’s sort of the only time of the year where a lot of the cool guys in poker are in the same city together. It can be challenging connecting up with people since everyone’s schedules are so hectic, but even just getting the chance to chat with certain people for an hour all summer is great.

There are a few great guys still in the tournament that I got the chance to become acquainted with and am rooting for. One is 888 Poker sponsored pro Tyler Bronkowski. I played with Tyler on a couple of different days. I could tell he is playing tremendously well. He kind of reminds me of my run in ’08: picking spots very carefully, dragging pots without seemingly ever having to show his cards. That’s the ideal path through the mine field that is the Main Event, so I wish Tyler well!

Another guy is Bryan Devonshire. A couple of blogs ago, I highlighted what I thought was a bit of an awkward or at least ironic situation at the table. Bryan, a former UB sponsored pro, was getting a massage at the table after another guy at the table told everyone he had $50,000 trapped on UB. With so much money stuck on Full Tilt and UB, there’s been some more tension at the WSOP this year than usual. Players with money stuck on those sites have every right to be pissed off, in my opinion. My observation regarding Bryan’s massage was just an example of one of those sort of awkward or unsavory moments resulting from the problems of Full Tilt or UB that I think everyone in the poker world wishes didn’t exist, but it was a non-incident that didn’t need mentioned on my part. I don’t begrudge Bryan’s choice to get his back rubbed when it’s sore from sitting down all day. He’s a very sharp, charismatic guy, and a very tough player. He’s got a great shot at getting all the chips in this one!

Finally, there’s Ben Lamb. I’ve been familiar with “benba” since 2008 when he beat me heads-up in the Sunday $500 on PokerStars. It appears Ben is a lock to win WSOP Player of the Year. He’s had a truly incredible series and is now capping it off with another deep run in the Main Event (he got 14th in 2009). If I had to pick one player to win this whole tournament with 90 players left, Lamb would be my pick. I’m also rooting for him because I booked a bet today on him to finish 29th or better. There might not be more than a small handful of guys in the world who have a higher expected ROI in the WSOP Main Event than Ben Lamb.

Well that’s pretty much all from me from the 2011 WSOP! I have a flight out of Vegas early in the morning. I’m going to spend my last night here relaxing, maybe a enjoying a couple of drinks to celebrate the deep run, and bowling at Gold Coast. It looks like I’ll finally get to meet the legendary Nat Arem who has decided to come allow himself to be hustled for some low stakes on the lanes! *stretches and gets bowling game-face on*

It’s been a fun ride! Thanks for your support everyone!


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