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888 Poker Bonus Review

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Pacific Poker offers PokerTips readers an exclusive bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to $500. This is nicer than the standard deposit bonus of 100% up to $400.

You need to earn 14 comp points for every $1 in bonus money to clear this bonus. Pacific's bonus clears quite quickly, making it one of the most generous bonuses of any online poker room.

Amount of Bonus
100% of first deposit up to $500 max bonus.

Bonus Code
Use our link

Requirements for Bonus
To clear the bonus, one must earn 14 comp points for each pending bonus dollar. So if one took advantage of the full bonus, they would need to earn 7,000 comp points (14 x $500) to unlock the pending $500. Players have 30 days to accumulate as many comp points as possible before any uncleared bonus money expires.

Hourly Rate
The hourly rates are calculated with the following assumptions:

Longhand Limit: 25% of flops seen, 2 big bets per flop seen, 45 hands per hour
Shorthand Limit: 35% of flops seen, 2 big bets per flop seen, 65 hands per hour
Longhand NL: 35% of flops seen, 5.5 big blinds per flop seen, 40 raked hands per hour
Shorthand NL: 50% of flops seen, 4 big blinds per flop seen, 55 raked hands per hour


$50-$100$112.50 / hr.$227.50 / hr.


$3-$6$23.10 / hr.$33.00 / hr.

Tournament Clearing Rate
Pacific Poker considers the tournament buy-in + fee a wager. Assuming that the tournament fee is 10% of the buy-in, the bonus results in a 55% reduction in tournament fees paid when clearing the bonus.

Best Suited For
Micro-, middle-, and high-limit players. Pacific is the only poker site that pays a bonus for playing at microlimits, and players of mid- or high-limit games can receive a larger bonus and work it off really quickly. Those playing nosebleed stakes can work this bonus off within an hour. Please note that the hourly rate calculations made several significant assumptions, so actual clearing rates may vary dramatically.

Read full 888 Poker review

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