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PKR Bonus Review

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PKR offers an impressive 100% up to $800 signup bonus. Even though PKR's software is slow, the clearing rate is quite fast.

The main drawback of the bonus is that player's must clear the entire bonus to receive any bonus money. Furthermore, since players only have 60 days to clear the bonus, many may receive no bonus at all if they fail to take the time to clear the bonus.

Amount of Bonus
100% of first deposit up to $800 max bonus.

Bonus Code

Requirements for Bonus
Earn 225 PKR points per $1 in bonus money. PKR points are earned by participating in raked pots. For every dollar in rake, 100 PKR points are awarded. PKR points are then distributed by the percentage a player contributed to the pot.

For example, in a four-way pot with a pot size of $40, the rake would be $2. If each player contributed $10 to the pot, then each player would receive 50 PKR points. If two players contributed $15 and two others contributed $5, then the players that contributed $15 would receive 75 PKR points and the $5 players would receive 25 PKR points.

Players have 60 days to clear the bonus. Players must clear the whole bonus to receive any money.

Hourly Rate
Please note that these rates make multiple assumptions, including pot size, hands per hour, as well as a player's aggression. Actual clearing rates will vary. Furthermore, since fixed-limit games are rare at PKR, only NL calculations were able to be made.



$.02-$.04$0.43 / hr.$0.29 / hr.
$.05-$.10$0.46 $0.27
$.10-$.25$0.81 $0.96
$.25-$.50$2.16 $1.51
$.50-$1$2.75 $3.29
$1-$2$4.23 $3.78
$2-$4$5.00 $6.17
$3-$6$5.60 $6.69
$5-$10$5.80 $7.20

Tournament Clearing Rate
For every $1 in tournament fees, a player earns 100 PKR points. This results in a 44% reduction in tournament fees while clearing the bonus.

Best Suited For
All players. The bonus has a very competitive clearing rate considering the bonus's size. The main drawback is that players only have 60 days to clear the entire bonus. Therefore, if you do not think you will play that much, do not max out the bonus, otherwise you will likely not receive any bonus money.

Read full PKR review

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