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Prime Poker Bonus Review

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Prime Poker offers a 100% up to $600. To claim this bonus, use the bonus code PT600. This bonus has a very slow clearing rate. Please note that you only have 60 days to work off the bonus after you make a deposit.

Amount of Bonus
100% of first deposit up to $600 max bonus.

Bonus Code

Requirements for Bonus
Earn 10 Prime Poker points per $1 in bonus money. Prime Poker points are earned by competing in raked hands. Only players that contribute to the pot (i.e. post a blind or make/call a bet) earn Prime Points in raked hands. For every $.10 in rake, a player earns 0.1 Prime Point.

Please keep in mind that the amount of bonus you earn by competing in a raked hand should not affect the way you play. Don't call/make bets just to earn bonus points, as these moves will likely be -EV.

Hourly Rate
Please note that these are very rough estimates that make significant assumptions on the number of raked hands per hour, the pot sizes, as well as how often a player is involved in pots. Actual clearing rates will vary significantly.


$.50-$1$0.75 / hr.$0.75 / hr.
$1-$2$1.20 $1.38
$2-$4$2.03 $2.63
$3-$6$3 $3.38
$5-$10 $3.75 $4.88
$10-$20 and higher$4.50 $7.50


$.10-$.25$0.465 / hr.$0.4125 / hr.
$.25-$.50$0.90 $0.78
$.50-$1$1.32 $1.53
$1-$2$1.80 $2.48
$2-$4 $3 $3.71
$3-$6 and higher$3.60 $4.13

Tournament Clearing Rate
Five Prime Poker points are awarded for every dollar in tournament fees paid. This has the effect of reducing tournament fees by 50% while working off the bonus.

Best Suited For
Tournament players. Clearing rate is mediocre across the board for ring game players but is decent for tournament players.

Read full Prime Poker review

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