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Tony G Poker Bonus Review

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Tony G Poker offers a large 100% bonus up to $400 to players who use the bonus code PREMIUM. While the size of this bonus is nice, it takes a long time to clear the bonus. This bonus is very similar to the Titan Poker bonus. Note: This bonus expires 3 months after you sign up, so you must clear it within that time.

Amount of Bonus
50% of first deposit up to $350 max bonus.

Bonus Code

Requirements for Bonus
Earn 600 points for every $5 in bonus. You earn points by being dealt cards in a raked hands. The amount of points depends on the rake taken in the hand. At higher VIP levels, players earn points faster. Here is how the point system works for new players, based on the rake amount:

RakeStars per hand

Hourly Rate


$.25-$.50$0.08 / hr.$0.07 / hr.
$.50-$1$0.42 $0.58
$1-$2$0.83 $1.17
$2-$4$1.04 $1.25
$3-$6$2 $2.75
$5-$10$2.10 $2.89
$10-$20$2.52 $3.47
$15-$30$2.80 $3.85
$20-$40 and higher$2.91 $3.99


$.10-$.20$0.18 / hr.$0.13 / hr.
$.25-$.50$0.36 $0.38
$.50-$1.00$1.58 $1.60
$1-$2$2.80 $2.43
$2-$4$3.00 $3.53
$3-$6$3.00 $3.75
$5-$10 and higher$3.00 $3.75

Tournament Clearing Rate
Eighteen points for every $1 paid in tournament fees. This results in a 22.5% reduction in tournament fees paid when clearing the bonus.

Best Suited For
Middle-stakes and higher-stakes players. This bonus takes a frustratingly long time to clear at the lower limits. However, once you are playing $1-$2 limit or $.50-$1 no-limit or higher, it has a tolerable clearing rate.

Read full Tony G Poker review

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