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Winning Low Limit Hold'em

(Second Edition)

Lee Jones

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Strengths: Great advice for beginners
Weaknesses: None
Year: 2000
Page Count: 200

Reviewed by Ozone on Sep. 15, 2005.

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Winning Low Limit Hold'em is the first poker book owned by many aspiring players. Lee Jones, a man well experienced in the poker industry, shares his advice on how to beat low-stakes limit hold'em games. This book may well be the best read for a new player starting out in limit hold'em. Winning Low Limit Hold'em has been published in two editions; the first edition was published in 1994, and the second in 2000. This review refers to the second edition.

Poker Advice

Few doubt that this is one of the best beginners' low-limit hold'em books on the market. Lee discusses nearly every detail of the game that a new player will need to know. He explains the basic rules of the game in a very easy to understand format. His strategy advice is followed with practical hand examples that are very easy to follow and understand.

Lee does a good job of explaining and stressing the importance of pot odds in limit hold'em. He helps the reader understand that, while something like 75 offsuit is generally considered trash, it is okay to complete the bet from the small blind with such a hand due to the huge pot odds often found in low-stakes games.

Keep in mind though, readers will discover all they need to know to be successful at low limit hold'em in this book and nothing more. The strategy advice tends to be very straightforward and basic. A lot of the advanced strategy was left out of this book due to the fact that is really has no place in a loose low-stakes limit hold'em game.


Winning Low Limit Hold'em is presented very well. Understanding that many of the people reading this book will have very little prior knowledge about hold'em poker, Lee Jones uses a style of writing that is friendly and easy to understand. One downside to this mass of information is the fact that this book takes quite a while to read, but this is trivial when considering its value towards improving one's game.


Winning Low Limit Hold'em can be purchased at Amazon

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