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Texas Hold 'Em: The Winning Strategy

Mike Caro

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Strengths: Entertaining, solid tells section.
Weaknesses: Very little strategy.
Year: 2005
Runtime: 39 mins.

Reviewed by Stallion on Oct. 19, 2005.

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This DVD intends to teach a new player both the basic rules of Texas Hold 'Em and how to become a "virtual chip magnet" in a mere 39 minutes. By attempting to do accomplish both of these objectives in such a short period of time, it achieves neither. That is not to say the DVD is completely without value, as the tells section is done quite well.

Poker Advice

Caro begins his DVD by saying, "I've spent the last 25 years trying to crack the secret codes and find the mysterious answers to when you should raise, when you should call, when you should fold now that I have these answers I'm ready to share them with you." Unfortunately, most of Caro's strategic advice is very basic and is the sort of information that could be found in virtually any poker strategy book.

The DVD doesn't get much beyond concepts such as the importance of position and the relative values of hands. This advice is mostly geared toward limit, with a short section providing a few adaptations for no-limit. Additionally, the Special Features include a section on internet poker that is decent, but again very short.

The entire "Advanced" section of the DVD focuses on picking up tells in live games. Caro goes through a variety of tells and what they might mean. The video format allows Caro to demonstrate these much more effectively than would be possible in a book. Caro has a great deal of confidence in his ability to interpret the strength of an opponent's hand by an opponent's body language. It probably wouldn't be wise to jump right in and place complete faith in Caro's tells, but they're tips that are certainly helpful at the table.

The problem with this DVD is not that Caro provides bad advice; it's that he provides so little of it. Furthermore, much of it is basic and could be picked up anywhere. The viewer is left with the idea that this DVD could have been much more substantial had Caro chosen to put more into it.


It's not hard to see why Caro is referred to as "The Mad Genius of Poker." With his wild hair and dated wardrobe, Caro draws the viewer's attention immediately.

He fidgets constantly and has a tendency to speak in an earnest stage-whisper. Somehow, all of this actually works to inspire confidence in the viewer. There is a sense that if Caro takes what he is saying so seriously, perhaps we should too. At the very least, the 39 minutes contained here are relatively entertaining because of Caro's personality.


Texas Hold 'Em: The Winning Strategy can be purchased at Amazon

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