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Howard Lederer's More Secrets of No Limit Hold'em

Howard Lederer

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Strengths: Fair advice for new players.
Weaknesses: Poorly produced.
Year: 2005
Runtime: 110 mins.

Reviewed by Ozone on Oct. 19, 2005.

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At the beginning of this video, Howard Lederer spends two minutes warning viewers that the information on this DVD is not for new players and that such players should turn the video off immediately. This may force one to wonder if there are violent scenes on this DVD that require viewer discretion. But worry not, it turns out that Howard simply feels that the advice given in "More Secrets of No Limit Hold'em" is too potent for new players.

Poker Advice

Howard dives into allegedly "higher" concepts in the 2nd video of his DVD series, "More Secrets of No Limit Hold'em". Some of these concepts include how to steal blinds, how to be deceitful with suited connectors, and how to defend the blinds. While Howard's advice is decent, it is far from "advanced". This video is best suited for beginning or intermediate tournament players looking to build on the knowledge they learned in Lederer's first video.

Howard's DVDs come with a printed "Preflop Strategy Guide" located on the inside of the DVD case. In first video, Howard suggested one should be successful if they follow the preflop guide on every hand. In this video, Howard lets the advanced players in on a big poker secret that sometimes it is okay to deviate from the preflop guide and seek opportunities to play more aggressively. Howard's advice, while often nothing but common sense, is explained thoroughly and confidently.


The producers get a little tricky on this video and start moving the camera around too much. The bad part is, even though the camera is moving around the room, Howard is always staring straight ahead while he speaks to the viewers. This leads to distracting moments where viewers will spend too much time pondering how corny the video is rather than soaking up Lederer's advice.

A second downside to this video is the fact that Howard is speaking ad-lib. While there is some value to un-scripted and un-edited advice, it tends to lead to several pauses, "umm"s, and backtracking which makes the concepts seem jumbled.


Howard Lederer's More Secrets of No Limit Hold'em can be purchased at Amazon

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