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Lederer 'Tells' All

Howard Lederer 'Tells' All

Howard Lederer

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Strengths: Presentation of tells.
Weaknesses: Only ten minutes of content.
Year: 2004
Runtime: 60 mins.

Reviewed by TwoGun on Oct. 19, 2005.

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The title of this DVD is incredibly misleading. While Howard Lederer "Tells" All advertises itself as a DVD about poker tells, it spends over 80% of the time talking about no-limit hold'em rules and basic strategy. This will probably infuriate many people who purchased this DVD because they expected an hour's worth of advice about poker tells. What he provides instead, basic no-limit advice, is incredibly boring to boot.

Poker Advice

The DVD flashes through the tells at the beginning of the DVD. Most of the tells are basic ones (strong means weak/weak means strong) that most poker players already know. Beginners may learn about a tell or two but this knowledge is probably not worth the price of the DVD.

Lederer only spends about ten minutes on tells, with the rest of the DVD being basic no-limit hold'em rules and advice. This is incredibly annoying since the DVD was supposed to be about tells. The DVD spends just as much time going overe no-limit hold'em rules as it does poker tells, which is just plain ridiculous. Considering he already has two DVDs full of basic no-limit advice, there is no reason for someone to purchase this DVD as well.


The DVD is effective at presenting the tells. It visualizes the tells with two actors while Lederer narrates the logic behind spotting the tell. This is helpful since you are able to see the tell and hear the thought process why it is a tell at the same time.

Unfortunately, Lederer is not very adept at being a narrator. He speaks in a monotone throughout the DVD and puts the viewer to sleep. The no-limit basic strategy sections of the DVD are especially boring.


Howard Lederer 'Tells' All can be purchased at Amazon

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