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Poker For Dummies

Chris Moneymaker

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Strengths: At least it's short.
Weaknesses: Everything.
Year: 2005
Runtime: 48 mins.

Reviewed by Stallion on Oct. 19, 2005.

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"Poker for Dummies" is a DVD hosted by Chris Moneymaker and is virtually impossible to watch.

In the DVD's introduction, Moneymaker explains that the disc is aimed at 3 different types of players:

  • The Novice
  • The Home Player who Loses
  • The New Casino or Card Room Player

Even if you fit into one of these categories, this DVD will be highly unlikely to help you. Unless you enjoy the idea of watching Chris Moneymaker awkwardly read cue cards, you should stay away from this DVD.

Poker Advice

The advice on this DVD is extremely basic and rarely goes beyond explaining the rules of the game. Moneymaker's "top ten secrets to becoming the best player you can be" includes revealing tips like "have fun". He also repeatedly cautions against playing for more than you can afford to lose. Chris Moneymaker may have won the WSOP, but this DVD is certainly not going to teach you how to win the World Series of Poker.


There are not many more boring ways to spend 48 minutes than watching this DVD. Granted, it is not marketed toward expert or even decent players. Thus, the fact that the poker advice is basic is somewhat understandable. However, there is no excuse for how brutally the DVD manages to present this information.

Through a simulated game, Moneymaker sits at a table with five other players and explains every single play made by each player. The DVD has a tight camera shot of each player putting his or her chips in the pot. For example, Moneymaker says, "Here, so-and-so calls the bet." Then when the next player does the exact same thing, Moneymaker explains, "Here, so-and-so calls the bet." This goes on all the way around the table, until someone in late position decides to raise. Then we go all the way around again and have to watch the same slow series of calls again. Just when you think things can't get any worse, Moneymaker reviews everything that has just happened. Soon enough, you'll find yourself rooting for the simulated action to go around without a bet, just so that things will move along. Unless this is your idea of fun, do not buy this DVD.


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