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Sklansky the Video

David Sklansky

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Strengths: Good advice.
Weaknesses: Focuses on stud.
Year: 1994
Runtime: 87 mins.

Reviewed by Ozone on Oct. 19, 2005.

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David Sklansky, expert in game theory, gives viewers probability related advice in this 1994 video. While the video may be more than 10 years old, mathematics and probability have not changed in this time, so there is still plenty of value to be found here.

Poker Advice

Before Sklansky's presentation begins, we see the youthful faces of Jack Binion, Ted Forrest, and Bobby Baldwin boost Sklansky's credibility by telling us how useful Sklansky's advice is. The beginning portions of the video are somewhat boring and worthless (Sklansky's personal stories from his poker background just arne't that entertaining or educational).

The real meat of this video comes in the form of Sklansky's notes on probability and money management. A lot of the concepts discussed in this DVD are also found in the Sklansky's well-acclaimed book, The Theory of Poker. Much of David's advice revolves around the theory of "it doesn't matter if you win, it matters if you play well". He encourages viewers to take pride in their poker game and to concentrate on playing their best at all times. He stressed disregarding the outcomes of individual hands and focusing on just making the correct move.

It is important to note that the bulk of the advice in this video revolves around the game of seven-card stud. However, it would be a mistake to assume that this DVD is useless for a hold'em-only player. Many of the topics on game theory and probability are still applicable for hold'em players.

Most poker DVDs contain mediocre advice disguised with flashy graphics and crappy music; Sklansky's video is an exception to this and actually has a little meat to it. The producers were kind enough to leave out the annoying interludes and "catchy" graphics, which helps viewers zone in on Sklansky's advice disturbance-free.


The video begins with shots from the back of a conference room where we see David Sklansky talking to a room full of hopeful poker players. Later, the DVD progresses to one-on-one interviews with David where he gives viewers personal stories from his poker background.

Sklansky does a wonderful job explaining probability theories. While some may question his abilities as a poker player, few question his abilities as a poker teacher. One humorous part of the video is watching Sklansky drink wine during pauses in lecture while he is conducting the seminar.


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