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killcrazy Sep 26, 2014 2:36pm


Originally Posted by darryl (Post 1020081)
Hospitals aren't always the most smartest. Well, maybe it's the insurance companies. Apparently my wife's pap smear was a preexisting condition and they wouldn't cover it. The insurance company claimed that the hospital coded it that way.

wtf is medical insurance, he said from his home in the civilised world. also civilised is spelt with an S, and spelt is spelt 'spelt', not 'spelled'. stop trying to cram Zs into words just so you're less hopeless at scrabble. also it's pronounced zed. fuck me that got complicated.

in any case, medical staff are pretty sharp, it's the admin drones that are clueless. your wife's cervical fiasco being a solid example.

that and it seems that every clinic and hospital department employ at least one receptionist who is a massive cunt, who thinks she is the linchpin around which the entire organisation revolves, and whose word is law despite her not knowing which end of the catheter to shove in the gaping cloaca that is her ego.


Anyway, she has a bad case of the pap apparently.
well, she has probably had a cervix since birth. i'm thinking it might be an hereditary condition.


PocketJokers Sep 26, 2014 3:39pm

It was season three of american master chef. I always knew this shit was fixed but this time they blatantly threw it in your face.

I've had to stick to watching a select few Netflix shows now for my entertainment. Going threw sons of anarchy now. American stupidity at its most glorious.

killcrazy Sep 26, 2014 9:44pm


Originally Posted by PocketJokers (Post 1020083)
Going threw sons of anarchy now.

that was an okay show until it wandered off into the desert and got horribly lost...this seems rather common with US shows...probably something to do with syndication.


darryl Sep 27, 2014 4:06am

I think beyond just hospitals, just about all businesses have at least one massive cunt.
Well, I'm a little tipsy now and Shirley is licking my elbow for some reason. Shirley is my cat and I think she wants the computer chair to herself. Maybe she is the real cunt. It's my computer chair, you can sit on it all day when I'm not sitting at the computer. Why the hell do you jump up on to it when you know I'm about to sit down there?!?!


PocketJokers Sep 27, 2014 7:15pm

There is your first problem, cats rather you not exist.

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