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Anonymous Jul 04, 2003 5:47pm

Just wanna vent
Earlier today played A Q and caught Q 2 Q on the flop. Bet got called all the way down the river.

Got beat by a guy with 2 2.

Really sucks.......

Anonymous Jul 07, 2003 4:38pm

I read on a poker tips page that you should probably fold a pair of deuces in holdem and gave a lot of good sounding reasons why. In the very first hand of the next game I played I got pocket deuces and remembering the advice I had just read I folded them. The flop had a pair of deuces. I almost never fold deuces anymore, depending on the betting of course, I would never go all in pre-flop on deuces. Anyway I know how frustrating the loss you had can be, but now at least you know the reason behind at least one poker player calling with deuces. If you want me out pre-flop, raise big.

twohocks Jul 13, 2003 6:59am

Not sure if this is a bad beat or not but I was just down to final 5 in single table tournament. I had pocket 5s and raised the pot pre flop. 3 including me stayed. I was second to act with the flop being J 4 6. First guy checks and I bet 100, third man goes all in. I figure for Js with A kick. other guy calls. I fold. The 4th street and river are both 5s. the all in guy only had pocket 9s. I think I did the right thing but damn I would have had four 5s. oh well back to the drawing board just was pissed and wanted to complain. :cry:

PokerKid Jul 14, 2003 2:48pm


But I think you did the right thing. He went all in suggesting top pair or JA as you stated.

What else could you do unless you thought it was a stone cold bluff.

Larson Aug 10, 2003 6:06am

On the dueces, I was just looking at the strategy page and it has pocket 2's as cat V. This means call and get a multiway pot, hope for a set and jam the pot.

I usually call with small pairs and fold if nothing comes up :lol: .


safeinst Aug 11, 2003 9:27pm

Wow, thats a tough break, i also usually stay in with a low pair.. i probabbly would have played it the same way... there is no defense i can think of to that

moongod Aug 12, 2003 5:58pm

playing today and i got pocket rockets (AcAd). I raise pre-flop from the BB. 5 call! The board comes 789 all hearts .. so im thinkin im going to bet into this because i want to see where i am (since its the small betting round). Well, the guy after me raises and the guy after him reraises, one call, one fold, i fold and the raiser calls. Now im thinkin that since there were so many people in, there had to be a straight/flush/straight flush out there. Well, turn is 6s, and the river is 2s. At the end there is 3 still in and guess what wins .. and you wont even believe it! ....As6c (a pair of freaking 6's).
First of all - someone reassure me that i played this hand correctly
Second - someone tell me this isnt a normal game ($.50-$1.00 limit)
Also, i know this is a game i know i should be able to beat, but what the heck?! (is it the limtis i play at?).

safeinst Aug 12, 2003 6:13pm

Yea, that sucks, i don't elieve you got such a bad break. Some tables are just full of crazy people for the first couple hands definatly play more conservatively untill you get a feel for the play. That wasa the right play on your part.

moongod Aug 22, 2003 5:12pm

I just got rivered twice in a row in NL (both huge pots) ... i just wanna say GRRRRRRR..... :lol:

RedsFan Oct 23, 2003 7:45pm

Two bad nights in a row.
In the last 2 nights , I have lost 6 all ins. On the first on I hit boat on turn 10's over 4's. Only to lose to 10's over 7's. Would of never seen the flop if it wasn't my BB. Last night I had QQ to lose to AJ on the river. I had KK three times, lost them all. I also had JJ on BB, flop was Qs-2s-Jh, I all in get a call lose to flush on river.

PP hates me.

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