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kidpython Aug 21, 2003 1:34pm

When to play 53 suited...
To cap off the weekly home game on Monday the 5 players played a winner take all $20 buyin NLHE tournament. My cards ran hot and I ended up winning. We decided to play another round of the same and my cards continued hot with lots of two pair flops and such and I won again.

So now we decided to play just one more tournament for a $10 buyin. I am up $160 for the tournaments and all I am thinking is "I better not win this last one or they will never play NLHE with me again." Now I started folding Ax and such looking for half-assed hands to play (but not utter garbage.) A Q5 comes and I play but the flop is Qxx. I instinctively bet forgetiing that I need to dump and 2 call. Then I remember and start checking hoping for a bet so that I can fold. No such luck and my pair Qs hold and I win a medium pot. Argh!

I keep watching and the guy to my left wins a decent hand so he and I are the early chip leaders. I get a 5-3 spades in the blind and the UTG player to my left goes all-in. I think about it awhile and decide to call on the basis that I can claim I was running hot and I had a feeling that spades would come up. So we are all in and he shows JT clubs. Oops! I have a better than 33% chance to win. (I was sure he had at least a medium pair giving me less than 15% to win.) Sure enough the flop has a 3, the turn is a 5 and I win again. Now there is little to do but mop up and take down the third tournament too.

It will be interesting to see if the guys are up for NLHE next Monday or we go back to capping the evening off with a round of Mexican Sweat.

moongod Aug 21, 2003 3:52pm

So, your saying that you did take the 3rd tournament?! And excellent work taking the table for what its worth. Now just share the luck (and good cards of course) with the rest of us and nobody gets hurt :P

PokerKid Aug 21, 2003 4:38pm

That's a nice run of cards. You can't help it if you get the cards. And they saw it for themselves. A JT losing all in against a 53 caller?

What I didn't like was that you showed the QQ but checked to win the pot. You should have mucked it anyway after he showed his hand if your goal was to give away money. You don't have to show it if you want to muck it against a winning hand. That is unless you were the last caller.

I desperately want the run of cards you did! Nice job. And fooey on them for not playing better... you deserve the pots.

kidpython Aug 22, 2003 2:26am

Thanks guys. I never thought about simply mucking winners. (Besides some of these guys are rabbit hunters and they might have made it a point to "accidently" check out my hand anyway.)

While consciously I was thinking about how to lose, I know that unconsciously I still wanted to win. After I hit with the 3-5 I said "screw it" and played very tough to win the 3rd tournament and complete the carnage.

The aftermath was interesting. The guy I beat with the 3-5 is a business associate and he still hasn't gotten over that hand. One of the other guys at the table is a damn fine poker player, but now he is calling me for advice on hold'em.

While I think I played well, it was a nice run of cards that included 6 different hands that flopped two pair and held up and a pp6 that held up unimproved to win. I only made one bluff bet the whole time (a semi-bluff of an outside straight draw that chased everyone out.) I bet pre-flop twice that I remember (AKo and AJs) and both hands were winners.

I even had an interesting laydown in the first tournament. In the BB I had J2 and got a caller. After the flop came 345 I decided to fold rather than call for all my chips. (I figured I was up against an Ax and I figured right.) After I folded the other guy insisted on seeing the turn and river to see if he would have gotten his straight. As it turns out the river was an A and I would have been the one with the straight!

The more I think about it, the more I think that it would have been very difficult for me to lose that night. It is easy to get caught up in the many skills involved with playing good poker and forget that, especially in the short run, luck plays a predominant role in determining the outcome.

Still I have been playing some $1/$2 and $2/$4 on Planet Poker to see if my run can continue and so far so good. In two brief sessions this week I am up $45. One more good session and I will be in the black for the year.

kidpython Aug 26, 2003 4:37am

Well the guys _were_ up for another NLHE tournament to cap the night. The only changes: more chips for each person to start with (which had the desired effect of making the game longer) and the top 2 finishers split the entry fees 60-40 (which had the desired effect of preventing me from taking all of the money.) Still I did place 1st again. ;-)

MRVEGAS Apr 06, 2011 7:08pm


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