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thepsycho Aug 23, 2003 12:13am

A real Psycho hand
This one will burn in my memory forever ....

I got 4d2d on the big blind and all callled with no raise.
The flop hit 3d9d6d .... I check to try to keep some money in
4 stay in and Ks drops on the turn ...
I check again and 1 bet goes around.
5s drops on the river and I bet,
the next guy raises, the next guy raises and the next guy calls

Looking at this ... any other 2 diamonds beats me ...lowest possible flush
I fold ... next guy calls

6h3h and 6s3s split the pot .....

comments and suggestions welcome :>

PokerKid Aug 23, 2003 2:37am

Hmmm... I think betting at the turn and seeing a raise then folding would have been the play. And if you bet the turn and got called you probably have the pot.

Someone with a raise at the turn would have the nuts (probably) and having his chance to raise before the river would be wise because it wouldn't matter to do it there or at the river.

Should have bet it out at the turn.

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