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Martin Kove Sep 06, 2003 8:15pm

4 of a kind, 1st four cards, only to...
Here's a bad beat story to brighten everyone's poker existence. I'm up at the taj playing some 10-20 7 card stud and I'm dealt the 2H and i don't even look at my cards I just toss in the $3. There are 3 callers. My next card is a 2, and now I look at my cards to find I have 4 twos after the 1st four cards. I check, waiting to check raise on 5th street, and somone bets. I casually call, 2 others call. The next card comes, my hand is complete and someone makes an open pair of tens, he bets, someone with Ace-rag calls, and I raise. The tens reraise and the aces calls another 2 bets. I cap the pot. 6th st. gives the Ace, open Aces, and he now leads. I raise and the 10s fold. The aces calls. 7th comes and the aces bets, i raise, he reraises, I reraise, he reraises, and then I look at him at say, "my first four cards were deuces," as I call his bet. He says to me as he turns over his cards to reveal of course, four aces, "My 6th and 7th cards were aces." That's the worst beat I've ever received and it's one that I will never forget.

moongod Sep 06, 2003 9:51pm

wow, that is a beat! did you stay and play tilt or leave?! .. i think that i would have tilted and then ran away screaming.

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